Describe the Character of Lomov | The Proposal by Anton Chekhov | HS English Suggestion 2023

Character Sketch of Lomov | Give a brief Character Sketch of Lomov | Sketch the Character of Lomov | Class 12 English Suggestion | WBCHSE Class 12 English Suggestion 

Describe the Character of Lomov:

Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov is a funny character in the play, The Proposal. He believes that he has a number of illnesses including nervous disorder. Although he came to propose Natalya, he could not do so as he got involved into an argument with Natalya over the ownership of 'Oxen Meadows'.

Lomov being nervous disorder was prone to unusual excitement. Lomov failed to propose Natalya formally. It was under Chubukov's instruction that he kissed Natalya. Thus, the marriage proposal of Lomov got final seal of assent through Chubukov's intervention. Lomov's argumentative nature and his nervous representation make us enjoy his character in the play.


Parul Smart English (XII) | Dr P C Dhar.

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